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International Lubricants Inc., LubeGard Products International Lubricants Inc., LubeGard Products

What is different about
International Lubricants, Inc.?

International Lubricants, Inc., maker of LUBEGARD® automotive products, is a leading manufacturer of both automotive and industrial lubricants representing quality, performance and value in today's demanding market, and has led the industry in developing environmentally safe, seed-based lubricants..

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whale, sperm whale oil

Sperm Whale

Years ago, sperm whale oil and its derivatives were used as additives in virtually all automotive lubricants. The products were so effective that a car's transmission fluids were generally never changed, and the transmission lasted the life of the car. Some 30 million pounds of sperm whale oil were used every year; to supply the demand, hundreds of thousands of whales were slaughtered until the species was faced with extinction.

In 1972 the Endangered Species Act outlawed the killing of whales and the use of materials derived from whales. For years the automotive industry relied on other animal based products such as tallow or lard oil. These proved to be an inadequate substitute, leading to poor overall drive train performance, premature drive train failure and transmission failure due to heat. A dedicated and highly skilled research team, in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture, developed a revolutionary new technology derived from vegetable oils. Liquid Wax Esters®, with a chemical configuration similar to sperm whale oil, have been shown to outperform sperm whale oil.

Liquid Wax Esters provide the answer
rapeseed field
Field of Rapeseed
used in formulating LXE®

International Lubricants, Inc. (ILI) pioneered the use of Liquid Wax Esters through their LUBEGARD® products, with patented LXE® technology. LUBEGARD® Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant is the number one product used in the professional transmission rebuild industry, and the only product of its kind to be used and approved by major automobile manufacturers (OEMs).

Unlike it's competitors, who purchase prepackaged additives from commodity chemical manufacturers and mix them together, International Lubricants, Inc. reacts its own raw materials to create the unique derivatives found only in LUBEGARD® patented products.

Numerous research grants—and over forty worldwide patents  
Dr. Phil Landis
Phillip S. Landis, Ph.D.

LUBEGARD® technology was developed under the direction of Phillip S. Landis, Ph.D., a highly distinguished research chemist who headed the Mobil Oil Applied Lubrication Research Group until his retirement in 1984. Dr. Landis is a worldwide leader in the mechanistic studies of elimination, rearrangement and pyrolysis reactions of additive preparations for fuel and lubricant applications, and of catalytic organic reactions and petrochemicals. He holds more than one hundred patents.

ILI's groundbreaking research in vegetable-based replacements of hydrocarbon oils has led to research grants in excess of $2 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Department of Defense and the Soy Bean Board. The Agricultural Research and Commercialization Corporation, a division of the USDA, believes so strongly in ILI's products and research that they own stock in the company.

International Lubricants, Inc., currently holds over forty US and foreign patents. Their research efforts ensure that they remain on the cutting edge of new product development and product improvements.


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