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How to Build Horsepower
A 2-day/2-night hi-tech perforrmance/race engine building seminar ... hosted by David Vizard


Brenton Productions & 3M Produce Do-It-Yourself, Cost Savings Auto Body Work Video

Save the Pump
JD Power Awards for
Ford Mustang
Lincoln Mark LT
Lincoln MKZ
 Mazda MX-5 Miata
Mercury Milan
and more

Ford & Microsoft in-car communications system
Ford Reduces Production

Save on Fuel (Ford)
Fuel Economy
Flood Damage Cars Still Around
GMs Onstar vehicle Diagnostics

Hydrocarbon Refrigerants Common Sense
Strategies for Smart Car Buyers

Power Seat for Disabilities

MotorHead Garage
with Sam Memmolo & Dave Bowman

Toolbox Toolies

Check Out
Sam Mahdavi MotorSports

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Find & Contact your Legislator

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Hot Tips

Find & Contact your Legislator


Truck & SUV Performance
Life is what happens when you are making other plans

Building Customer Loyalty

Power Building Tips

Images from the Road

Stainless Jeep

Horses in your Mailbox

Tools Rock 1
Tools Rock 2
Electricity 101
Electricity 102

Storing your Street Rod

Lights and Mirrors

America's love affair
 with the Automobile
Spring out your Vehicle
Clear & Safe Windshields, Clean Cars
Cooling System
Injector Service
Tune Up & Gen Maintenance
Batteries - next step
Charging Systems
Americans love the Auto

BMW Mini Rollercoaster

Avoid Becoming a Victim of Road Rage

Satellite Radio in your
car or home


Sam's Garage Projects
38 GMC Truck Project
Lift is installed...
Making room for a Lift
39 Chevy Project
Installing Winch on his trailer

  Tire Safety
 ●  Flat Spare Tire
 ●  Test your Tire Knowledge
 ●  Tire Care Facts
 ●  Tire Maintenance Checklist
Tire Safety & Maintenance

Sam's TDR
(Turbo Diesel Register)

Banks Engineering

The ToolBox is King

Add to Favorites

Decoding Your Warning Light

...busy making other plans

"Do They Work?"
do they provide the claimed results?
TDR Issue 45

A Lot Deeper Than That
TDR Issue 44 about issue 43

Always Read the Instructions First
Midnite Dually Diesel

More TV - Enough Las Vegas
SEMA, DC-3's & TDR

Motor Homes, Trailers...
Trailer Tire requirements

TDR Anniversary
Powerama way-fun

Making a TV Show
03 Cummins Turbo Diesel

Tow with our New Truck
Do not drill the chassis

A Little Preparation
TDR Nationals 2002

Freshen Your Truck
Mr. Change...& a new interior

Iím a Detail Guy!
Clutch replacement +
 Fast Coolers Installation

Emotional Traditions
Oh those days...

Get The Emotion
Out of the Decision!

buying new / used truck

The Law of Physics
MotorHome / ABS Brakes

How It Happened
How'd I get this truck ?

How Time Flies
(gift giving ideas)

Automotive Alerts

Consumer Safety Alerts

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Doggie PlayStation after hard day of Wrenchin

Sam's Pet Info & News

Click here for
Care info,

Sparky Memmolo

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