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Sam Memmolo

Sam's Garage #3

Backyard Buddy Set Up

In his ongoing quest to equip ďSamís GarageĒ with the very best, Sam researched and investigated a tremendous variety of lifts.  Sam was looking for value, ease of use, but most of all, Safety!

Backyard Buddy arrives

Based on his knowledge of how things work, and how things are made, Sam realized the construction of the BACKYARD BUDDY made the most sense.  Now it was time to prepare the garage and gather the funds to make the purchase.  All of the above took Sam a few years to complete.

Check out Sam bringing his new BACKYARD BUDDY home from the freight yard on his open car trailer.

 Bringing it in to unload  Unloading Backyard Buddy with Joe

You can imagine how surprised the folks at BACKYARD BUDDY were when Sam called to place his order!

unloading in new garage for assembly 

Sam had been talking with them at Hot Rod and Custom Car shows around the country.  He would ask to see demonstrations so he could see how smoothly the lift went up and down.  He asked questions regarding the quality of the steel, and what kind of finish was applied to the steel.


The BACKYARD BUDDY was an easy choice after all Samís shopping and research.  This was clearly the lift that won Samís choice of the best design and construction.  The beautiful powder coat finish was an added plus!


Just as explained by the technical guys at BACKYARD BUDDY, all that was needed was a little help from a friend or two, and in about one day or a few evenings, the lift would be up and running.


Samís pal Joe came over to help, and they unloaded the very well packaged lift assembly.  In just two evenings, Joe and Sam assembled the BACKYARD BUDDY  by closely following the assembly instructions.  With some great music on the shop stereo, and a couple of good cigars, the lift was ready for its first client!  You can imagine how good Sam felt when he raised his í54 Chevy pickup for the first time.


Joe is a commercial airline pilot with a passion for cars, and a great mind for engineering just about anything.  He has restored several award winning British cars and a few Mustangs and Camaros.


Joe and Sam have been friends for over 20 years, and they help each other on all kinds of projects.  Sam respects Joeís opinion (which he hands out easily) and Joe was impressed with every aspect of the new lift.   As he was leaving, he commented to Sam that his next move was to get his own BACKYARD  BUDDY.


Enjoy the pictures, and if a lift is in your future, be sure to get the lift that will keep you safe, and protect you and your valuable Street Rod, Classic Car, or Muscle Car.

The BACKYARD BUDDY is made right here in the good old U.S.A. using all American Structural Steel.  What could be sweeter than that? 

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